3D scanning for decorative mirrors production

 picture with mirrors

In today’s highly competitive world large companies acquire or take over smaller ones, which is true for decorative furniture market as well.
The only way to survive and get a chance to grow for small companies is to boost their production at lower expenses. Automatization usually helps cut costs and raise competitiveness of the product.

Reverse engineering of metal mold for cover of a jerrycan


The customer consulted the branch of RangeVision in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The task was to scan the geometry of the foundry tool — cover of a jerrycan.

3D scanning in the production of molds for carbon fiber parts


The FQS Mechanical Engineering company (Italy) is involved in engineering and manufacturing was looking for an opportunity to speed up the process of creation of molds for production of carbon fiber parts. Сarbon fibre parts are durable and reliable while being light in weight. In addition to their physical properties, they add an aesthetic value to the whole product.

3D scanning of large objects with RangeVision 3D scanner and photogrammetry


Photogrammetry is the process of making measurements from photographs taken from different angles. Preparation and implementation of the photogrammetric projects does not take much time and significantly saves time of 3d scanning, especially of large objects.

3D scanning of ornaments in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Nizhny Novgorod


Dmitry Zhamkov’s Art Studio contacted the RangeVision’s office in Nizhny Novgorod once again with a very interesting task. This time we have to digitize three wall-mounted ornaments in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Ornamental patterns were not finished by the previous artist, that is why the further work was entrusted to Dmitry Zhamkov. It is difficult and time-consuming to do this kind of work manually. After all, the main aim of the customer was not only the production of ornamental patterns but the most accurate copy of style of the previous artist.

3D scanning of slurry pump casings

External conditions

3D scanning of two slurry pump casings was made by the company Sibrain on a special order of the industrial enterprise for subsequent production of counterparts.

3D digitization of the carved pattern for the production on a CNC machine


Hand-labour of carver expert is a laborious and complex process, which requires professionalism and experience. It is often necessary to fulfill an order in a short time and without quality loose.

Preservation of the historical porcelain collection of the Hermitage Museum


One of the aims of the Imperial porcelain factory is to reconstruct and preserve the collection. This has been performed by means of modern 3D scanning methods. The project was implemented together with the Hermitage Museum and Cyberon Group, a company specialising in 3D technology.

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