3D scanning in the production of molds for carbon fiber parts

The FQS Mechanical Engineering company (Italy) is involved in engineering and manufacturing was looking for an opportunity to speed up the process of creation of molds for production of carbon fiber parts. –°arbon fibre parts are durable and reliable while being light in weight. In addition to their physical properties, they add an aesthetic value to the whole product.

For this purpose the company has been using laser 3D systems, but wasn't satisfied with the price to performance ratio and a speed of work. So they decided to give a try to a white light system. They chose RangeVision PRO 3D scanner as more affordable alternative with a wide range of applications and ability to capture a complete surface of objects accurately and time-efficiently.

BMW ScanCenter 

The task was to replace a side protection of BMW motorbike with the carbon fiber alternative. The original part was scanned in one day using markers and a matting spray. ScanCenter software, which comes with every RangeVision 3D scanner, allows fast and accurate merging of scans by markers as well as preparing final model free of noise in .STL, .PLY and .OBJ formats.

Render 1

molds and result

Then, within one day, the prepared 3D model was passed to be used for machining of the aluminium mold for carbon fiber production. In less than a week company got complete molds for part production. Basing on the excellent performance the company decided to buy RangeVision 3D scanner to use it on a regular basis.

result on bike

With RangeVision 3D scanner FQS Mechanical Engineering was able to expand its production capabilities without loss of quality and save a budget.

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