Car tuning and design


When designing new car models automakers regularly apply 3D scanning technologies.  

The starting point for most vehicles is in a workshop where a prototype is made of clay. After the right form is obtained, this prototype is scanned for further processing in CAD software. Smaller companies also use 3D scanners to design exclusive cars based on a serial car body, as well as for car tuning or accessory production. With inexpensive 3D systems you can often face problems with calibration, which can result in noisy data from a 3D scanner and eventually in size discrepancies. Moreover, glaring car surfaces make scanning process without markers hardly possible, as single scans cannot be properly aligned on such surfaces.

RangeVision 3D scanner does not have these weak points – its accurate calibration and automatic stitching by markers make it well-suited for a wide range of tasks in automotive industry.

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