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What is a 3D scanner?

A 3d scanner is a device that analyses a real-world object to collect the data on its shape. Сollected data can be used to create 3D models. 3D scanners use different technologies, with their own benefits and limitations.

What is the purpose of a 3D scanner?

A 3D scanner can be used to create digital three dimensional models of real-world objects.
Here you can read more about 3D-scanning applications.

What can be scanned using RangeVision 3D scanner?

You can use RangeVision 3D scanner to scan generally any rigid physical objects, except glossy and very dark surfaces.

Can I scan…?

…metal parts?

Yes, but if the surface is too glossy, you have to use matting spray

…a car?

Yes, for this kind of large objects use scanning with markers.

Dark and glossy surfaces should be covered with matting spray.

For more accurate scan registration use photogrammetry

…human face or body part?

Face or body parts can be scanned too. But you need to remember that scanned object should to be rigid and motionless, otherwise it will be impossible to register scans and generate the 3D-model.


The full-body scanning is possible subject to full immobility during scanning process. Since it’s very difficult to create these conditions, RangeVision 3D scanner isn’t recommended for that purpose.


Yes, it’s possible to scan jewelry. RangeVision 3D scanner should to be calibrated for scanning zone #3 or #4. For better results, use automatic turntable.

…holes, slots, gaps on object?

To create 3D model scanner need to have images of surface from both cameras. That’s why it’s impossible to get scan of deep holes.



What scan sizes are possible?

RangeVision 3D scanner can be used to scan objects between 5 mm and 5000 mm. Scanning of larger objects is impossible because of accumulated error of scans aligning. And the cameras resolution isn't enough to scan objects smaller than 4-5 mm with hign precision

What is a scanning area?

Scanning area is scanner's field of view. RangeVision scanners have several scanning areas. You need to use different scanning zones for objects of different size.

What about resolution and accuracy?

You can find information about resolution and accuracy of 3D scanner in technical specification. These attributes depend on scanner model and scanning area. Specified values can be achieved by following calibration rules.



What software for RanngeVision scanner?

We supply our scanners with  ScanCenter and ScanMerge software fully developed by RangeVision. This software allows you to scan using RangeVision 3D scanner, align and merge scans, generate united mesh and export polygonal model.

Which format exported file is?

You can export united mesh in .STL, .OBJ or .PLY. These file formats are supported by 3D modelling software or 3D printing tools.

Can I use RangeVIsion scanner with several PCs?

Yes, you can install our software on several PCs, but for scanning you need to insert USB-dongle with license file.

Can I update RangeVision software?

Yes, you can update ScanCenter and ScanMerge for free. We release updates every half-year. Every client get personal password to access download area, where we place new versions of RangeVision software.



What are system requirements for RangeVision scanner?

General requirements are not less than 4 GB RAM and HDMI output for projector. It's strongly recommended to use Windows 7/8/10. There is no RangeVision software for MacOS or Linux. You can find more information here. Note that you need 3 USB ports to connect scanner. The turntable also requires additional USB port.

Which surfaces can be scanned?

The projector light shouldn't be absorbed. Highly reflective, translucent or very dark surfaces must be covered with matt spray.

How can I scan different objects?

You can scan with or without markers or using the turntable. Scans will be aligned automatically if you use markers or turntable. Otherwise, manual alignment will be needed.

When I should to calibrate scanner?

Calibration is needed when you change scanning area or replace lenses. If you use another PC or reinstall ScanCenter you also need to calibrate scanner to create calibration file. The scanner can lose calibration if it moves when cameras aren't fixed. If you don't move scanner and use one scanning area there is no need to calibrate scanner before every scanning.

Can I scan outdoors?

Yes, it's possible. Bright daylight or direct sunlight must be avoided. On the scanned surface, projector must be significantly brighter than the environment light. It's recommended to use "blue light" to get better results. Don't use scanner in high temperature of humidity conditions.

What about warranty?

When you buy RangeVision 3D scanner from official reseller you get 1-year warranty.



How can I buy RangeVision 3D scanner?

To buy our scanner, contact our resellers in 20 countries of the World.

Can I buy RangeVision software only?

Our software is optimized for scanning using RangeVision Scanners. It's impossible to test compatibility with lots of other scanning devices. We sell only tested hardware+software sets to provide highest scanning quality.

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