Quality control of plastic molded parts in automotive industry with RangeVision Standard+ 3D scanner


The Italian company “Dolsatech” is a supplier of plastic molds for automotive and truck industries, IVECO and Porches are among their clients. RangeVision Standard+ 3D scanner became a new instrument for controlling.

3D toys from Rastyapino


3D Scanner RangeVision Smart help children to keep traditions alive.

3D scanning technologies pave their way to theatre stages


Scenic designers of the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow often resort to a 3d scanner for creation of unique scene decorations.

Special vehicle scanning


Scanning of vehicles is an important field of 3D scanners usage. Take a look at photo report about special offroad vehicle scanning with RangeVision Standard!

Obtaining data on the geometry of a cutting tool


Many companies are creating their own digital archives of cutting tools for the rapid reproduction in the case of run-out or for the modernization to meet the current needs of production. Despite there are various methods of obtaining information about the geometry of these tools, 3D scanning is the most convenient.

3D scanning of Mousson Atelier jewelry


3D scanning allows jewelers to accelerate the production of jewelry, which is important in modern life and in an increasingly competitive environment. Jewellery workshops simply can not afford to waste time and effort, carrying out orders, while realizing that most of the customers are not ready to pay for a manual labour. 3D modeling and further cutting wax models on CNC machines helps to save time and, thus, to make more work.

Car cowl 3D scanning with RangeVision Smart


Can big objects be scanned with the Smart 3D scanner? Does it have enough accuracy to meet reverse engineering tasks? Yes!

Transmission housing quality check


Manufacturing accuracy tests is an important application of 3D scanners.

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