• A new version of ScanCenter is available

    We are glad to announce the release of RangeVision ScanCenter 2017.1. We added some new features which make the software more functional and the work with it more convenient.

  • Advantages of using NURBS in modeling and reverse engineering

    Find out how to speed up the process of NURBS-based modeling with the use of imported data from Spectrum 3D scanner.

  • Visit us at Formnext 2017

    RangeVision invites you to visit our booth 3.1-A10 at Formnext 2017 from 14 to 17 November, Frankfurt, Germany


  • RangeVision Spectrum

    New high-resolution 3D scanner, working on the principle of structured illumination. Specter has absorbed all the experience of developing RangeVision - it combines the technical capabilities of professional 3D scanners and the availability of a desktop solution.

  • RangeVision Smart

    RangeVision Smart is a desktop 3D scanner of high resolution. Ease of use, affordable price and wide range of applications make Smart stand out from its competitors.

  • RangeVision Pro

    The family of professional RangeVision 3D scanners guarantees a unique price to performance ratio. Most of the 3D scanners available on the current market are targeted at scanning objects of specific size and dimensions. Professional RangeVision 3D scanners have revolutionized the 3D scanning scenario – they are capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the scanner's field of view (FOV). Due to the use of the structured light technology, professional RangeVision 3D scanners provide highly detailed scans of any type of object, from jewelry to large automobiles, with accuracy up to 0.018 mm and resolution up to 0.03 mm.


  • Due to the variable scanning zones 3D RangeVision scanners allow you to scan both jewelry and body parts of the car.

  • The cost of 3D scanners RangeVision is several times less than that of foreign analogues with comparable technical characteristics.

  • The use of original algorithms based on the principle of structured illumination allows to obtain an excellent quality of the 3D model.

  • Own warehouses and production in the territory of the European Union and the CIS.

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Upcoming events

  • 11/14/2017 - 11/17/2017

    Formnext 2017

    RangeVision invites you to visit our booth at Formnext 2017, which will be held from 14 to 17 November. At the exhibition will be presented renewed professional 3D scanner. Where: Frankfurt, Germany, stand 3.1-A10

  • 10/16/2017 - 10/18/2017

    Open innovations 2017

    RangeVision presents renewed professional 3D scanner at "Open Innovations forum 2017". Where: Moscow, Russia, technopark "Skolkovo", stand iMarket

  • 10/13/2017 - 10/14/2017

    3D Print Expo

    RangeVision presents renewed professional 3D scanner at 3D Print Expo 2017. Where: 3D Print Expo, Moscow, Russia, stand D32

  • 10/12/2017 - 10/14/2017

    Kalite Show 2017

    AZE Otomasyon will demonstrate RangeVision Smart, Spectrum and PRO 3D scanners at Kalite Show 2017, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 05/15/2017 - 05/19/2017

    Voxellab DOO will present RangeVision at the exhibition in Belgrade

    International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements is one of the most important economic and technological developments of Serbia and Eastern Europe. This event has a huge impact on the future of the production in the country and the region.