3D scanning of slurry pump casings

3D scanning of two slurry pump casings was made by the company Sibrain on a special order of the industrial enterprise for subsequent production of counterparts.

3D digitization took place on the territory of the working enrichment plant in deplorable conditions: high humidity, low temperature (about 0 degrees), coal dust and poor light quality settings. The casings with their total weight about a ton were moved only with the help of a crane.

Both casings were completely digitized through the use of RangeVision PRO 2M 3D scanner in the first scanning zone within one working day. The entire design of the collection was scanned first, then each cover plate and mounting were scanned separately. The project was implemented through the use of markers to simplify subsequent alignment of scans.

Through the use of a non-contact method of scanning the 3D model contains all dimensions and surfaces, thereby the human factor in sizing is reduced. The classic method of sizing would require considerable work and would take 5-7 working days.

The post-processing of the scans took about one working day, after that the 3D model has been sent to engineers who transferred the polygonal model into CAD with required 3D accuracy. The development of the final 3D model in CAD took 4 working days.

As the result the final 3D models were delivered to the customer on time and went into production.

RangeVision thanks Kovalev V.S. and OOO “Sibrain” www.sibrain.ru for the materials!