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RangeVision Spectrum is a new high-resolution 3D scanner based on the safe-to-use structured light technology. It is designed for scanning small, medium and larger objects. The 3D scanner has three fields of view and is equipped with 3.1 Mpix industrial color cameras. RangeVision Spectrum captures complex geometry, flat and long objects, as well as small details with constantly high 3D resolution while keeping the accuracy up to 0.04 mm.

Professional 3D scanners

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The family of professional RangeVision 3D scanners guarantees a unique price to performance ratio.

About the product

Most of the 3D scanners available on the current market are targeted at scanning objects of specific size and dimensions. Professional RangeVision 3D scanners have revolutionized the 3D scanning scenario – they are capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the scanner's field of view (FOV).
Due to the use of the structured light technology, professional RangeVision 3D scanners provide highly detailed scans of any type of object, from jewelry to large automobiles, with accuracy up to 0,03 mm and resolution up to 0,043 mm.

RangeVision Smart


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3D scanner Smart is the most affordable high-resolution 3D scanner.
It stands out among competitive products with its simplicity, handy packaging and budget price.

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