Spectrum. One 3D scanner - spectrum of possibilities


Short review

RangeVision Spectrum is a new high-resolution 3D scanner based on the safe-to-use structured light technology. It is designed for scanning small, medium and larger objects. The 3D scanner has three fields of view and is equipped with 3.1 Mpix industrial color cameras. RangeVision Spectrum captures complex geometry, flat and long objects, as well as small details with constantly high 3D resolution while keeping the accuracy up to 0.04 mm.

Key advantages

"3-in-one" scanner
three scanning zones to capture different-sized objects from 1cm up to 3m
3.1 Mpix industrial cameras
for highly detailed and full-colour scans
Three scan modes
to render complex geometry of objects of any size and shape

Technical specifications

  • Light-source DLP
    Cameras 3.1 Mpix
    Scan speed 12 sec per scan
    Align modes by markers, by geomerty, on automatic turntable
    Export format STL, OBJ, PLY
    Texture Yes (included)
    Automatic turntable Yes (included)
  •   [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
    Field of view (mm) 520*390*390 280*210*210 133*100*100
    Recommended object size, m 0.6 - 3 0.3 - 1 0.01 - 0.4
    3D point accuracy, mm 0.12 0.06 0.04
    3D resolution, mm 0.26 0.17 0.072
    Point density, pt/mm2 16 54 236
    Working distance, m 1 0.6 0.3
  • Size 180*125*60 mm
    Weight 0.5 kg
    Platform diameter 125 m
    Max load 5kg
    Step 1o
    Rotation speed 3-4 rpm
    Power supply 5V USB 
  • Scanner size 255*455*100 mm
    Scanner weight 1.65 kg
    Case size 515*415*200 mm
    Full package in case weight 10 kg
    System requirements Windows 7/8/10, Intel Core i3/i5,  4GB RAM
    Computer connection HDMI, 3 USB 2.0
    Power supply 220V, 50/60 Hz, 65 W
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