RangeVision + 3Ds Max

How to expand the designers and engineers opportunities by using 3D scanning technologies?

3D scanner RangeVision Standard, in combination with 3Ds Max software, allows to obtain real world objects in 3D easier and faster!

It would be very useful for producing realistic 3D visualizations and will fit perfectly for a variety of industries such as design or manufacturing. 

Before scanning we placed some markers on the model. They allow to move the model and scan it from different sides and positions, keeping all scans automatically stitched together on the 3D model.
Next, all the fragments were automatically merged to obtain a united 3D-model using RangeVision ScanMerge post - processing sw which is pretty simple.

3D scanning:

So we received a highly-detailed 3D model which can be post-processed in any 3rd party software.

Thanks to occurence of .STL, .obj, .ply exporting function, we can freely import the data in 3Ds Max.

Applying materials/texture and lightning to scene, we are catching inspiring and photorealistic render:

Because RangeVision did the job (performed) so well, the Scanning and processing of the medallion took just 15 minutes!

Special thanks to and Dmitrij Epov.