Special vehicle scanning

The company “Mosformovka” that provides vacuum forming services consulted RangeVision’s office. Vacuum forming plastic is the production of volumetric products made of sheet plastic.

The aim of the customer was the digitization of the front of the vehicle - the cabin, in order to create a 3D model in STL format to produce a new detail. The task was complicated by the dimensions of the scanned object. In front of us was a real cross-country vehicle! RangeVision PRO 3D scanner helped us to cope with all these difficulties. We covered the vehicle with markers. This method greatly simplifies the 3D scanning of large surfaces.


3D scanning of the cab was made with RangeVision PRO 3D scanner. The size of a single shot for zone No.1 is 460х345х345 mm. We took several pictures in order to capture the entire cabin of the vehicle. The whole process of digitizing took us 6 hours. The post-processing and alignment of group of scans took us 1 working day approximately. We removed all the useless data in RangeVision ScanMerge software. As a result, we got the final 3D model in STL format in 2 days.

The customer was satisfied. RangeVision PRO 3D scanner solved all the problems associated primarily with the dimensions of the object. It proves the fact that RangeVision PRO 3D scanner is effective in digitization of objects of different sizes - from jewelry with complex geometry to large automobiles and cabs of vehicles. The solution of the problem would not be possible without using 3D scanning. A measure of the cab of the vehicle would take too much time and the results would not be accurate.