3D digitization of the carved pattern for the production on a CNC machine

Hand-labour of carver expert is a laborious and complex process, which requires professionalism and experience. It is often necessary to fulfill an order in a short time and without quality loose.

Modern production technologies make it possible to simplify the implementation of such tasks. Machining on CNC machines is used in various industries. The need for the use of machine production also exists in woodworking in the production of decorative products.

On request of the Dmitry Jamkov’s art workshop, experts of the RangeVision company digitized the relief pattern (carved manually on a plastic board) with use of PRO 5M 3D scanner for further production of replica on woodworking CNC machine. 

The customer required the high detailed relief data and a prepared file for the milling on the machine. Based on the received 3D scan data, a control program for the CNC milling machine was created and the first wooden bas-relief was made.


The Implementation of the 3D scanning technology into the production chain allowed the fast obtaining of data for preparation of serial production and archiving.