Education and science
Specialized solution for education

RangeVision 3D scanners for teaching 3D scanning and reverse engineering

Creation of workshops on the competence
«Additive manufacturing»

  • Basic training in additive technologies

  • Professional education

  • Research, R&D

  • Participation in specialized contests

What we offer

Professional 3D scanner

3D scanning software

Guidance materials

RangeVision 3D scanners for education


Multi-purpose 3D scanner for a wide range of tasks

  • Tested at the WorldSkills world championship of vocational skills.
  • Produced serially
  • Quality and safety are proven by test reports and certificates of conformity to the regulations of the EU (CE and RoHS)


Professional 3D scanner

Our solution for scientific research institutes and universities.

High accuracy and professional level of 3D scanning make PRO an excellent choice for research and scientific tasks.

  • Supports professional R&D projects
  • Suitable for quality control and metrology tasks


Smart 3D scanner for beginners

Easy and safe for students of all ages

Desktop 3D scanner for primary education in schools and youth centers of innovative creations

  • Not a toy — solves real problems
  • Can be assembled and adjusted in just 5 minutes
  • Mobile
  • Scans coloured objects
  • Rotary table is already included
  • Reasonable price


  • Multilanguage user-friendly

  • Suitable for the requirements of educational programs

  • Affordable prices

  • English-language online support and guides

  • Expert support at all stages of equipment

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Our specialized solution is suitable for

  • Universities and high schools
  • Technical and vocational schools
  • Schools specializing in mathematics and physics
  • Supplementary education institutions
  • Laboratories and scientific institutes
  • Robotics and additive technologies clubs

New perspectives
for students and tutors

  • Participation in olympiads and related professional competitions such as WorldSkills
  • Benefits for getting into universities
  • Scientific activities and research
  • Business and project monetization
  • Taking part in State programs for training qualified personnel for digital economy and innovative technologies


ScanCenter NG

Free software for 3D scanning and subsequent data processing

  • Unique algorithms for scanning and processing large amounts of data
  • Indefinite license
  • Free updates
  • Export to popular file formats


3D scanning skills are important for future specialists

  • Design engineers
  • Artists and designers
  • Engineers
  • Art restorers
  • Museum specialists
  • Architects

Learning 3D scanning allows students to earn useful practical experience and become valuable specialists in the labor market of the digital world

How to implement 3D scanning into the educational process?

RangeVision 3D scanners are successfully used in various programs of educational institutions. Learning 3D scanning can easily be implemented into practical work in workshops and master classes, during laboratory activities and research, for participation in competitions and olympiads.

They trust us

User Reviews

Dmitry Ulybin

I have been engaged in 3D scanning since 2009, and have worked with many measurement systems, mostly more specialized ones as Atos. For a long time I dreamed of buying my own personal measuring system, but I kept on putting it off because of the high prices. I knew that a former colleague with whom I used to work now works for you, I decided to call him and find out everything. At first, the choice was between Spectrum and NEO. But after I could evaluate the performance of NEO, I even forgot about Spectrum. For testing 3D scanning with NEO, I brought two parts that had already been scanned with Atos. The most important thing is when comparing the surface the deviations were micron. I purchased RangeVision NEO without hesitation. I scan about twice a week, the software is simple, there are hints. Errors and glitches when working were not observed. As for minuses, the connection wire is too short, but this is just a quibble. I am happy with the purchase and I advise to byu NEO for anyone who still doubts.

Lukáš Mlynář
Project manager

We specialize in creating visualizations. Spectrum is ideally suited for these purposes: resolution, accuracy, the ability to scan in color - everything fully meets our needs. We can use it both in the office and on site (we often cooperate with museums and it is much easier to scan on their territory than to transport the exhibits to our office). We really liked that the scanner comes with everything you need to work in different modes - it seriously saved our budget.

Alexei Kanaev
3d scanning specialist

We provide scanning services and we are regularly using PRO (except for scanning people). The versatility of the scanner is really impressive! Because of changeable scanning zones we are able to work with any objects - from small cutting tool to housing parts of construction equipment.

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