RangeVision took part in Formnext Connect 2020: summing up


Due to extraordinary circumstances, this year the Formnext exhibition is being held on an online platform. RangeVision took part in the exhibition and tried out a new format. As an exhibitor, we were able to conduct online demonstrations of our equipment and chat with potential customers. The virtual platform allowed us to present an online stand with the company's products. It's open 24 hours a day and allows visitors to get acquainted with our equipment at any convenient time. The platform will be working in this format until 12/31/2020. So, you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions and sign up for a free online demonstration on the exhibition platform till the end of this year.

The main part of the exhibition is over, and we would like to share preliminary results and actual data.

The RangeVision team is now sure that digital networking really works. Despite the fact that, according to the feelings, the flow of visitors this year was less than last year, but the percentage of the target audience for the company is higher this year. The company's specialists also noticed that this time there was a wider representation of visitors by country.

Attention to the company's products was paid by many industries. Particular interest was noted from the research & development and mechanical engineering sectors. And it can be separately highlighted the jewellery industry and education sphere.

Visitors were most often interested in RangeVision PRO 3D scanner as the company's most technically advanced solution for a wide range of industries. RangeVision NEO 3D scanner received the widest access to an international audience this year and attracted the attention of a large part of visitors. So we can describe it as a success. We received good reviews about our ScanCenter NG software, which comes bundled with all RangeVision scanners. Visitors paid attention to its excellent quality of model processing and found it easy to study.

In general, the RangeVision company positively assesses its participation in the exhibition. Indeed, communication in a new format differs from offline exhibitions and requires new approaches to work. But online communication has its advantages. For example, the company's sales staff noted that during this exhibition they have the opportunity not only to participate completely in the event but also to allocate time for the rest of the work. Another positive aspect is the development of new techniques for organizing short targeted meetings by the company's sellers. Now the company's employees are more prepared to participate in events of such format.

Formnext Connect attracted 203 exhibitors with about 2200 representatives and showcased 1412 products. 8541 active participants from more than 100 nations (1/3 national, 2/3 international) made great use of the intelligent and modern matchmaking function, which managed to generate more than 450000 recommendations for products and other participants. Further, 23311 new contacts and 4733 business meetings in the form of video calls were enabled. The 221 lectures and presentations of the high-profile program of stage events and sessions were watched by 45000 spectators. Here, experts from all over the world discussed current and future trends, developments and applications in various webinars and discussion panels.

We invite you to visit our virtual stand till 31.12.2020:

Participation in the exhibition is free with the code FN20RE2