RangeVision at KOMPAScon

On December 10, 2021 RangeVision will take part in the KOMPAScon festival.

This is the first entertainment and business event for KOMPAS-3D CAD users, which combines a business agenda with speeches by invited experts and ASCON employees and an entertainment part for relaxation and communication with like-minded colleagues and the KOMPAS development team.

The event will be useful to everyone who designs, creates educational and hobby projects, and maintains tech blogs.

We are waiting for everyone to get acquainted with RangeVision in the Technological demozone of the festival. Our booth will feature:

  • industrial solution for professionals – RangeVision PRO;
  • 3D scanner versatile high resolution 3D scanner – RangeVision Specrtum;
  • 3D scanner for education and hobby - RangeVision NEO.

See you at KOMPAScon!

Event 18+.

Participation fee: 500 rubles.

Place: Moscow, Spartakovsky lane 2с1, entrance No. 7, VESNA space, Krasnoselskaya metro station (5 min), Baumanskaya metro station (7 min), Komsomolskaya metro station (12 min).

Registration is available via the link: