How RangeVision improves its 3D scanners’ performance

One of the first questions being asked about 3D equipment is about it’s accuracy. The same can be said about 3D scanners, because, as any other instruments, they should meet the requirements of the client - these devices should guarantee a certain level of 3D accuracy and 3D resolution of a final 3D model. 3D accuracy is an indication of the range of the error that is inherent in the measurement. 3D resolution would be the number of points that can be measured on a surface, it shows the minimal size of an object’s detail to be captured by a 3D scanner.
lens_view.pngProfessional 3D scanners RangeVision are well-known on the market of 3D equipment thanks to their excellent price-to-performance ratio. However, not everyone knows that we constantly improve our products, and today RangeVision 3D scanners completely differ from those produced several years ago.

All the latest models of professional 3D scanners RangeVision are equipped with professional industrial CMOS USB 3.0 cameras, high resolution optics and blue-light optical filters to reduce the impact of external factors s.a. lighting on the scanning result.

The size of the calibration board is now measured with an extremely high accuracy of a few micrometers. Metrological standards are subject to a regular verification.

User-friendly software ScanCenter comes with all RangeVision 3D scanners and allows users to obtain a final 3D model without exporting scan data to a separate post-processing software - all the necessary functions are built-in.


In 2016 some more changes were implemented into RangeVision ScanCenter to prevent any mistake of the operator while working with the 3D scanner. On the critical stages of adjusting and scanning all the activities are being checked, for example:
  • ScanCenter automatically identifies the model of a 3D scanner and, if it is necessary, makes changes in the software settings to ensure a better scanning result;
  • The right location and size of calibration field is being controlled during the calibrating process;
  • Blue-light optical filters are checked to be installed on the lenses;
  • Special notification informs user in case of any setback in identification of the markers location;
  • The calibration of any scanner is made with a step-by-step wizard, that ensures all the steps to be made correctly;
  • Software revises the visualization settings depending on the performance of your PC, which speeds up and makes it more comfortable to work with the scanner.

All these changes brought the improvements into the technical characteristics of RangeVision 3D scanners, that is confirmed by verification carried out under VDI / VDE 2634-2 procedure.

The maximum 3D point accuracy of all PRO RangeVision 3D scanners increased by 40% and now can reach 0.018 mm. The 3D resolution of PRO 2M rose up to 0.03 mm, and of PRO 5M - up to 0.04 mm at the smallest scanning area. This is an excellent performance even when compared to the industrial equipment: these technical characteristics perfectly meet the needs of professionals in high-precision digitizing of objects and mechanisms.