RangeVision — about Formnext 2018


This leading exhibition on 3D technologies at Frankfurt am Main is the focus of attraction for lovers of innovations and their developers. RangeVision considers itself a member of both categories, which exposes its recent developments and never misses landmark 3D industry events.

RangeVision participates every year in Formnext as an exhibitor and rejoices at the success of the event. In 2018 the number of exhibitors increased by 30% — more than 630 companies from 33 countries introduced their products on about 36 000 square meters of space. It proves that the 3D market is growing up at a fast pace and highlights a strong interest in its developing. Suppliers of technologies, equipment, and software offer state-of-the-art solutions — and manufacturing companies trust them showing their willingness to implement 3D printing and 3D scanning.

A great number of visitors were engineers, industrial designers engaged in prototyping and medical specialists, especially orthopedists and dentists. The 3D scanner RangeVision Spectrum received greater attention, and it was quite expected. This model has sufficient accuracy to become a reliable helper for specialists from different areas. Spectrum kit includes the same software that goes with the 3D scanner RangeVision PRO. That is why all features are available: scanning with markers, scanning on a turntable etc. The latest version of software ScanCenter NG 2018.2 was also marked by visitors as having a user friendly interface.

All the four days of the exhibition were extremely productive. Andrey Zyabko, a partner relations manager at RangeVision, points out a growing interest in RangeVision exposition and a larger number of visitors. Andrey shares the list of countries, whose representatives came specially for a constructive dialogue with RangeVision: the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Portugal, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Morocco, Korea, Italy, Israel, India, Hungary, France, Finland, the Dominican Republic, China, Belgium, Austria, Argentina. By the way, RangeVision 8-member team was also international: some were from a RangeVision’s German reseller, some were from RangeVision’s general representative in Europe (from the Czech Republic) and some were from the head office of RangeVision.

The exhibition Formnext has inspired RangeVision to further achievements due to a positive assessment of its product characteristics and to a strong dose of communication with people who have similar interests.