RangeVision released the new version of ScanCenter 2017.1 software


We are glad to announce the release of RangeVision ScanCenter 2017.1. We added some new features which make the software more functional and the work with it more convenient.

The option to lower the cameras resolution has been added to the new version of ScanCenter 2017.1. This is especially useful for those who scan large and smooth surfaces when there is no need in high detail. The example is the digitization of the bodywork of a car. Now the user can choose between scanning speed and level of detail. The function can be used by the owners of PRO and Spectrum 3D scanners.


Two scans of the same object with different detail

We added the visualization for clipping planes (when using free scanning mode and scanning with markers) and vizualization of the clipping cylinder (when scanning on a turntable) in the new version of ScanCenter. 
Now the user can сlearly see the zone, which is on the field of view of a 3D scanner and must be digitized. It is enough for the user to make a test scan and to set the boundaries of the scanning zone. It allows removing the unnecessary data from the scanning process, reducing the size of a project and simplifying the building of a 3D model.


Indication of clipping planes

The PRO scanners are equipped with black-and-white cameras. We added the ability to take test color snaps to the options menu – it is faster and more convenient to control texture capture parameters at the stage of preparation for scanning this way.

RangeVision improved 3D accuracy of large objects when scanning with markers. It eliminates the influence of accumulated error on the alignment of the large number of scans.

The building of a 3D model on the basis of the scanning results became easier. Two new functions were added: trimming of unnecessary fragments with part selection (in automatic, noise content percentage and manual modes) and trimming of underlying surfaces (it can now be trimmed by selecting three points on its plane).


Noise removal

The new function of model scaling was added. The built model can be proportionally enlarged or diminished by a specified scaling value without using any other softwares.


Model scaling

The new version of RangeVision ScanCenter software automatically checks and downloads updates. Now there is no need to download the whole software package. Updates can be downloaded automatically. This feature allows users having the latest version of RangeVision ScanCenter to improve the work of a 3D scanner.

Learn more about the new features of RangeVision ScanCenter 2017.1 from this video.