Smart in School

Today's technology class at next door school has been very unusual. It was held by our team, with help of our new development – 3D scanner Smart.

We told children about the fascinating world of 3D and demonstrated that creating any object is much easier than they think! A lost wheel of a toy car can be restored by printing its copy on a 3D-printer. For this purpose 3D scanner Smart was used to create a 3D model of another wheel.

3D scanning - 3D printing - replacement

We did some post-processing in our software RаngeVisiоn SсаnCenter and printed a new wheel on a 3D printer. Finally we got an exact copy of a missing wheel. The car is drivable again!

It is not easy to surprise a modern kid, but getting a first-hand experience of creating things is really exciting and children enjoyed the lesson very much. They inspired us with new ideas!