Spectrum debuts at Formnext and 3D print Expo


RangeVision a 3D scanners developing company, has unveiled the new 3D scanner Spectrum at "Formnext 2016 powered by TCT" in Frankfurt and "3D Print Expo 2016" in Moscow.

Spectrum, being based on the safe-to-use structured light technology, is designed to be the most affordable professional 3D scanner on the market for a wide variety of applications at a price under $5,000.

The package of RangeVision Spectrum includes everything to enhance the user’s 3D scanning experience: a scanner unit, a tripod, an automatic turntable, a case for easy transportation and storage, an unlimited software license with free updates - all for only 4120 euro.

Due to adjustable fields of view, it is possible to digitize objects from 1 cm to 3 meters with accuracy up to 0,04 mm and 3D resolution up to 0,072 mm, which perfectly meets most of 3D scanning tasks.

Spectrum 3D scanner has all possible modes for digitization of objects of any size and shape:

-        Scanning with markers - a fast and an accurate way to merge multiple scans in an automatic mode in a professional way; 

-        Scanning with an automatic turntable - a quick and an easy way of scanning small and medium-sized objects in an automatic mode;

-        Free scan - the user can easily render complex geometry and large items with the latest automatic algorithm of meshes registration by geometry of the object. The manual modes are also available for professional users to have full control over creating of 3D models.

The first test drive at Formnext 2016 has shown that 3D models made with Spectrum compete with those made by peers that are 3-4 times more expensive.

Most of the 3D scanners available on the market are targeted at scanning objects of specific size. RangeVision has revolutionized the 3D scanning scenario. Spectrum is “three 3D scanners in one”. It is capable of scanning any type of object with cost savings of up to 6-8 times.

You can check out and compare the quality of the 3D models obtained with different 3D scanners by the following links:

The result of RangeVision Spectrum 3D scanner (4 120 Euro)

The result of a jewelry 3D scanner (~12 000 Euro)

The result of a professional hand-held 3D scanner (~17 000 Euro)

Spectrum is an ideal choice for specialists looking for a 3D scanner with a maximum price-quality ratio. This device will be of great interest to companies providing 3D scanning services or involved in product design and development, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping or production of all kind of small and larger objects.

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