RangeVision NEO

RangeVision NEO

RangeVision NEO is a reliable and easy-to-use entry-level 3D scanner. NEO allows obtaining detailed colour 3D models and supports scanning modes with automatic alignment of fragments by markers, on a turntable and by object geometry.
The package includes everything you need to start 3D scanning and quickly obtain high-quality 3D models: an automatic turntable, a tripod, ScanCenter NG software and a protective case for storing and transporting all scanner elements. NEO connects to a computer via a USB 3.0 port, does not require an external power supply, has 2MP colour cameras and weighs just 1 kg.


  • Detailed colour 3D models

  • Free software updates and 2-year warranty

  • Turntable, tripod and travel case


Digitize objects in automatic mode or use all the capabilities of the professional ScanCenter NG software. It is suitable for both beginners and experts in 3D scanning.

ScanCenter NG software is not tied to a specific computer, and comes with an unlimited license in terms of time and functionality. All software updates are absolutely free for RangeVision NEO users. To use the most current version of ScanCenter NG, there is no need to uninstall the old version of the program - if you have access to the Network, updates from the RangeVision server will be downloaded and installed automatically.


Field of view 200x150x150 mm
Size of objects to scan 3 cm - 1,2 m
Accuracy 0,05 mm
3D Resolution 0,13 mm
Cameras resolution 2MP
Case size 430x380x155 mm, 5,5 kg
Turntable platform diameter 20 cm
Max turntable load 20 kg


  • Reverse-engineering
  • Industrial and amateur 3D printing
  • The educational process
  • 3D modeling
  • The digitization of collections
  • Customization


  • Dmitry Ulybin

    I have been engaged in 3D scanning since 2009, and have worked with many measurement systems, mostly more specialized ones as Atos. For a long time I dreamed of buying my own personal measuring system, but I kept on putting it off because of the high prices. I knew that a former colleague with whom I used to work now works for you, I decided to call him and find out everything. At first, the choice was between Spectrum and NEO. But after I could evaluate the performance of NEO, I even forgot about Spectrum. For testing 3D scanning with NEO, I brought two parts that had already been scanned with Atos. The most important thing is when comparing the surface the deviations were micron. I purchased RangeVision NEO without hesitation. I scan about twice a week, the software is simple, there are hints. Errors and glitches when working were not observed. As for minuses, the connection wire is too short, but this is just a quibble. I am happy with the purchase and I advise to byu NEO for anyone who still doubts.

  • Vladimir Vanovsky
    3D Printing Specialist

    We have purchased a NEO 3D scanner for scanning master models for use in 3D printing. There were no doubts before the purchase. Good reviews of the company's products determined the choice. I can say that the scanner is completely suitable for our challenges. We like detalization of the obtained meshes, the size of the scan area, automatic scan mode. I also want to mention the user-friendly, intuitive software which is easy to use. After the introduction of the 3D scanner in manufacture, we noticed the increase of the employees’ efficiency and reduced time for the production process.

3D models

Where can I buy?

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