RangeVision NEO
RangeVision NEO

Smart 3D Scanner for education and hobby at an affordable price

Allows you to easily scan objects for further 3D printing

  • High scanning accuracy

  • Export 3D models to CAD / CAM

  • Software and regular updates

  • 2-year warranty

  • Tech support and training materials

High-quality 3D scanning is available to everyone now!

Get detailed colour 3D models to accomplish your tasks

  • at home
  • at school
  • at university
  • at office

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RangeVision NEO - affordable 3D scanner
with extensive features

High quality 3D models

  • Accuracy up to 0.05 mm
  • 3D resolution up to 0.13 mm
  • Capture texture

Easy and fast 3D scanning

  • 5 minutes to prepare for scanning
  • Plug and play
  • Automatic calibration
  • One-click scanning
  • Simple user interface
  • Powered by USB

Three scanning modes
For convenient work with different types of objects

Choose the right mode for your needs

  • Scanning on a rotary table

    Quick and easy 3D scanning of an object on a rotary table platform. When an object is rotated, its model fragments are combined automatically.

  • Scanning with markers

    Automatic alignment of model fragments by markers applied to the surface of the object. Used to improve the accuracy of stitching large objects. External photogrammetry systems are supported.

  • Scanning in basic mode

    Used for 3D scanning of objects that cannot be digitized the other way, e.g. museum exhibits. Model fragments obtained from different angles are combined according to the features of the object surface geometry.

An automatic rotary table comes with the scanner

  • Automation and speed improvement
  • Turntable load capacity is up to 20 kg

3D scanning of objects from 3 cm to 1.2 m

  • Small size
  • Medium size
  • Large size

A wide range of processing capabilities

  • Automatic and manual alignment by markers and without markers
  • Holes filling
  • Object surfaces smoothing
  • Reduction of triangles number
  • Mesh defects correction
  • Automatic removal of small artifacts and noise
  • Other professional functions of RV 3D Studio software

Export your 3D model to another software
for further processing

ScanCenter NG allows you to export 3D models in the most popular formats: STL, OBJ, PLY

Compatible with any 3D printer

  • Easy data export for 3D printing
  • Coordinate system setting for 3D printing
  • Automatic mesh-building with filling holes
  • Textured models ready for 3D printing

Portable and compact

  • Weighs only 1 kg
  • Easily fits on a desk

Package of the standard kit can be changed. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Suitable for reverse engineering and design

  • Digitizing of complex forms
  • 3D documentation
  • Product design
  • Customization


Technical specifications

Scanning technology 

structured light

FOV size, mm

200 х 150 х 150

Working distance, m


Accuracy, mcm up to


3D resolution, mm up to


Object size

from 3 cm to 1.2 m

Ability to capture texture


Cameras resolution


Modes alignment

by markers, by geometry

3D mesh formats


Power source for scanner


Minimum computer requirements 

Intel Core i5 6500 or better, 8 GB, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 for a rotary table



USB 2.0 for a rotary table

Supported OS

Windows 8.1/10/11 64bit

Rotary table


Platform table diameter

20 cm

Max rotary table load capacity

20 kg / 44 lb

Power source for rotary table

220 V – 12V/1A

Case dimensions

430 х 380 х 155 mm


1 kg / 2.2 lb

Full package in case weight

5.5 kg / 12.1 lb




2 years

Note: Product design may differ from the photos on the website.

They trust us

User Reviews

Vladimir Vanovsky
3D Printing Specialist

We have purchased a NEO 3D scanner for scanning master models for use in 3D printing. There were no doubts before the purchase. Good reviews of the company's products determined the choice. I can say that the scanner is completely suitable for our challenges. We like detalization of the obtained meshes, the size of the scan area, automatic scan mode. I also want to mention the user-friendly, intuitive software which is easy to use. After the introduction of the 3D scanner in manufacture, we noticed the increase of the employees’ efficiency and reduced time for the production process.

Dmitry Ulybin

I have been engaged in 3D scanning since 2009, and have worked with many measurement systems, mostly more specialized ones as Atos. For a long time I dreamed of buying my own personal measuring system, but I kept on putting it off because of the high prices. I knew that a former colleague with whom I used to work now works for you, I decided to call him and find out everything. At first, the choice was between Spectrum and NEO. But after I could evaluate the performance of NEO, I even forgot about Spectrum. For testing 3D scanning with NEO, I brought two parts that had already been scanned with Atos. The most important thing is when comparing the surface the deviations were micron. I purchased RangeVision NEO without hesitation. I scan about twice a week, the software is simple, there are hints. Errors and glitches when working were not observed. As for minuses, the connection wire is too short, but this is just a quibble. I am happy with the purchase and I advise to byu NEO for anyone who still doubts.

Where to buy

If you are looking for a distributor to purchase the scanner, check out our list of reliable resellers. They pass through several stages of training and control. These people are professionals in 3D scanning.

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