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Extreme 3D scanning of a large part on customer territory

echnology: scanning with markers, reverse engineering
Location: customer territory
Equipment: RangeVision PRO 2M 3D scanner
Software: ScanCenter, CAD
Time costs: scanning - 8 hours, processing - 8 hours, CAD model building and drafting - 24 hours.

RV partner carried out 3D scanning of a large sludge pump casing on the customer territory. Using the 3D scan, a CAD design model was built, ready for the production of a duplicate.

RangeVision 3D scanners are mobile and suitable for digitization of different-sized objects, including large ones. If needed, an engineer can go to the location of an object to do the scanning. Specialists from the company “Sibrain”, which is a RangeVision partner in Novosibirsk, carried out 3D scanning at an operating factory. It was requested by a mining and processing facility.

The task was to digitize two cast sludge pump casings so that duplicates could be produced. Their total weight was approximately a ton and they had to be transported by an overhead crane. Conditions turned out to be unfavorable, almost extreme for a scanner: high humidity, temperature around 0°C, coal dust, and lighting that could not be adjusted. Despite all that, the task was performed in time.

RangeVision 3D Scanner operated with scanning zone №1 - the cameras were set wide apart to capture the large object. Markers were applied to the object to make the scan alignment easier. The specialists scanned the whole assembly first, and then each casing and fastening unit separately, which took a workday.

Scan processing also took a day, after which the polygonal 3D model was sent to the engineers to be converted into a CAD model, i.e. to be reverse engineered. A mathematical model was created in CAD and the draughting was carried out. Tolerances provided by the customer were taken into account, so the resulting 3D files were ready for manufacturing.

Non-contact optical 3D scanning using the structured light technology provides high accuracy with reduced digitization time. Classic metrology tools would require more effort and take from 5 to 7 workdays. Using a 3D scanner the whole process (from digitizing to creating a ready for production model) was accomplished within 6 workdays.

RangeVision is grateful to V.S. Kovalev and “Sibrain” www.sibrain.ru or the provided materials.