Release of ScanCenter NG 2021.1

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What's new in ScanCenter 2021.1 release 

Key features:


  • Improved scanning versatility and convenience by implementing the "Add to the selected group" option. 

    • During scanning, you can add incoming meshes to any group inside the project. It is available for all scanning modes including scanning with a turntable.


  • New "Combined smoothing" function added.

    • It performs fast local deletion of scanning defects, markers and other unnecessary artifacts as well as mending surfaces with holes, which significantly speeds up the preparation before creating a resulting model. Located in the Smoothing menu.

  • Improved brush selection of processed meshes

  • Renewed work logic in three-windowed manual alignment mode:

    • synchronized mesh display in different windows,

    • blocked movement of Fixed meshes,

    • added colour highlights for aligned meshes,

    • added multi-selection by Ctrl + Alt + LMB.

  • Expanded and improved Hole filling algorithm

    • significantly increased the border detection speed,

    • added two methods for filling holes with flat surfaces,

    • changed the approximation process of hole filling direction vector,

    • added noise deletion,

    • added deletion of up to three triangle rows around borders,

    • improved algorithm stability and surface patch quality.

  • Expanded the scaling functionality

    • increased the accepted coefficient range from 0,1 - 100 to 0,01 - 10 000,

    • added separate scaling coefficients for different coordinate axes,

    • added the option to simultaneously scale any number of selected meshes.

  • Improved surface texturing

    • added the texture pixels' weight values to the texture processing algorithms,

    • included the ability to turn off projected light during the texture capture phase.

Scene visualization

  • New mesh display option developed - Transparency

  • Improved visualization of meshes less than 5mm in size

  • Moved the tolerance scale settings to the interface

  • Moved the scene visualization settings to the interface

  • Added dimension lines for cylinder and sphere diameters

  • Improved mesh visualization in Perspective projection mode when Move to the centre option is activated


  • Added the Help section containing links to educational content and software updates

  • Added the Hotkeys list

  • Moved the available software updates indicator to the interface

  • Moved the expert scanning and processing settings to a dedicated tab. The Vibration detection and Focus assessment settings have been moved to the expert settings tab.

ScanCenter NG 2020.2 is already available for all RangeVision users. The update can be downloaded directly within the software or on