INKAY and Abbas a.s. presented RangeVision at “MECSPE” in Parma

The one of the largest industrial exhibitions in Europe “MECSPE” took place in the Italian city of Parma from 23th till 25th of March.

MECSPE is the reference to the industrial exhibition. Year after year It brings together 11 exhibition halls, which are themed to the different areas of production.

Our Europe partners - INKAY TECHNOLOGY SRL и Abbas a.s (our general agent for the entire territory of the EU) became representatives of RangeVision this year.

The entire line of scanners from RangeVision was presented at the exhibition:

  • Professional 3D scanner RangeVision PRO

  • The latest 3D scanner Spectrum

  • Desktop 3D scanner RangeVision Smart

The exhibition was visited by the great amount of specialists in the field of 3D scanning. The great interest was expressed in RangeVision products. Advanced users of 3D technology have noted a wide functional of RangeVision 3D scanners which allows you to digitize jewelry and body parts of automobiles at low cost in comparison with foreign analogues.