RangeVision Spectrum

RangeVision Spectrum

RangeVision Spectrum - a new 3D high-resolution scanner, working on the principle of structured illumination. Spectrum has absorbed all the experience of developing RangeVision - it combines the technical capabilities of professional 3D scanners and the availability of a desktop solution.
Spectrum has 3 areas of scanning and is equipped with color industrial cameras 3.1 Mpix. This universal 3D scanner is specifically designed to transmit complex geometry and the smallest details of miniature, medium and large objects, with consistently high 3D resolution and accuracy.

Key advantages

  • "3-in-one" scanner

    three scanning zones to capture different-sized objects from 1cm up to 3m

  • 3.1 Mpix cameras

    for highly detailed and full-colour scans

  • Three scan modes

    to render complex geometry of objects of any size and shape


RangeVision Spectrum is equipped with a specially designed for fast processing of scanning results by software. The program is always included in the cost of the equipment and allows you to get a ready-made 3D model of high quality for further work in all popular CAD / CAM programs and virtual 3D modeling environments (Solidworks, Autocad, 3Ds Max, Maya, Rhinoceros and not only), but also for printing on 3D printer.

By purchasing a 3D Spectrum scanner, you get an unlimited license for software with a guarantee of free updates. With the release of each new version, you will have access to all new features at no additional cost.


Scanning area, mm 520*390*390 280*210*210 133*100*100
Size of the object, m 0.6-3 0.3-1 0.01-0.4
3D point accuracy, mm 0.12 0.06 0.04
3D resolution, mm 0.26 0.17 0.072
Working distance, m 1 0.6 0.3

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Additional license key

In the case of a large amount of work, the workflow can be splitted between two operators: one scans and the other works with a scanned data. This approach allows you to significantly speed up the process.

Automatic turntable TL

Automated 360 degree scanning with any of the turntable system developed by RangeVision will make the scanning process faster and easier. Reinforced TL is intended for different-sized objects weighing up to 50 kg.

Detailed specifications


3.1 MPix, 1/2"


WXGA (1280х800)

Light source


Scanning principle

Structured light

Scanning modes

Free scanning, with markers, on turntable

Scanning with color textures


Output formats



HDMI, 2xUSB 2.0


220V, 65W

Calibration time

7 min

Dimensions of scanning unit (WxHxL)   

450х100х220 mm


1.25 kg

Additional information

System requirements

Operation system

Windows 7/8/10  64bit


Intel Core i3/i5 1.8 GHz (Broadwell-based) or better

Graphics hardware

Video card with dual monitor support


At least 8 GB


3 USB ports


  • Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping
  • Industrial design and car tuning
  • Education
  • Restoration and preservation of cultural heritage
  • Furniture and decor
  • Souvenirs manufacturing


The package of RangeVision Spectrum includes everything you need for your scanning job and even more: this scanner is equipped with an automatic turntable to enhance your 3D scanning experience and a travel case for easy transportation. Automatic turntable - compact and lightweight model TS is a perfect solution for scanning small and medium-sized objects weighing up to 5 kg. Stable and reliable travel case enables 3D scanning to be easily performed directly on site.


  • Lukáš Mlynář
    Project manager

    We specialize in creating visualizations. Spectrum is ideally suited for these purposes: resolution, accuracy, the ability to scan in color - everything fully meets our needs. We can use it both in the office and on site (we often cooperate with museums and it is much easier to scan on their territory than to transport the exhibits to our office). We really liked that the scanner comes with everything you need to work in different modes - it seriously saved our budget.

  • David Wohanka

    We have considered different scanners for reverse engineering and prototyping but we chose Spectrum because it is one of the best offers on market by price to performance ratio. We really liked the ability to work with markers and changeable scanning zones. We can use Spectrum to scan different objects, including those with complex geometry. Perhaps we can agree that Spectrum is three scanners in one.

3D models

Where can I buy?

By clicking on the link you will find information on where to buy RangeVision products worldwide.