Happy New Year!


This year has passed unexpectedly fast for the RangeVision crew. We all wish to accomplish more... But what’s really important is the things we have accomplished! Summarizing the year, it is nice to note a couple of significant facts.

Our R&D department has worked successfully on improving the technical and ergonomic features of our products. The Spectrum 3D Scanner, which was presented in November of 2016, is now produced serially. The RangeVision PRO lineup has acquired a new technologically and ergonomically improved design: our engineers focused particularly on making the switching of scanning zones more convenient and on the projecting module.

The programmers have expanded the functionality of ScanCenter software and increased the speed of operation. It is now easier to calibrate, build models and process the data. Besides that, a new release is on the way (completely new). It will be available to the customers in winter of 2018.

In 2017 RangeVision products were presented at 11 international exhibitions. Our sales department continued to extend the worldwide markets: we now have new representatives in Brazil, India, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Singapour, China and Argentina.

A lot of our wishes for the chiming clock have become true. And, first of all, RangeVision partners, clients and employees should be thanked for that. Your creative ideas, interesting projects and sincere devotion are responsible for the company success. Thanks to you, specialists around the globe get technological tools for effective and precise 3D model work. To say boldly - you are on the cutting edge of advancing revolution 4.0, which is enthusiastically expected by the industry. But, most importantly, you make the work of many people easier: engineers, designers and quality inspectors.

I wish you to expand your volume of success, interesting acquaintances and positive emotions along all three axes. In dreamy anticipation of the New Year, make grand plans and believe in yourselves. May all your New Year wishes come true.

Yuri Chaikin